Flutracking Reports (New Zealand)

This page provides an archive of the Weekly Reports that have been issued by the Flutracking Project, usually on the Thursday of each week.

The reports show survey statistics, including respondent numbers for the week, and indicate rates of Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) symptoms in New Zealand and also in individual provinces where there is a sufficient sample size of respondents.

Influenza is a common disease with fairly non-specific presenting symptoms. To understand the epidemiology of influenza we collect information from several different systems based in the community, laboratories and hospitals. Throughout the influenza season this information is reporting in the New Zealand influenza Intelligence Report.

The Weekly Reports presented here should not be treated as authoritative and should always be interpreted together with other trusted sources from the New Zealand influenza Intelligence Report.


Click here for the 2018 Annual Participant Report.

Latest Report

The latest weekly report can be downloaded here.

A new report is published on the Thursday following each new survey week.

Reports for 2020
Reports for 2019
Reports for 2018